We’re in business to decarbonize the consumer products industry

Sustainability is a journey. That’s why we aim to meet brands where they’re at, whether you’re just getting started or you're on the cutting edge

Because every brand can be sustainable, and every product can be carbon negative

A foggy forest scape
A picture of a rocky ocean scape

It doesn’t have to be really complicated or break the bank to understand how to improve, and brands should feel confident telling their sustainability story

Our team brings decades of experience across software, consumer products, and sustainability

Core Team

Jamie McCroskery
Cofounder / CEO

Previously: Dropbox, Glossier

Anisha Gupta
Cofounder / Sustainability

Previously: Unilever, Mirror

DJ Lee
Cofounder / Engineering

Previously: Google, Spotify, Flatiron Health

Mackenzie Murtagh

Mackenzie Zoppi

Previously: Beautycounter

Zack Sears
Product and design

Previously: Kickstarter, Ribbon, Brightcove

Mike Brown

Mike Brown

Founder, Patagonia Environmental Assessment Program

Eric Wilmanns

Eric Wilmanns

Founder, Patagonia Environmental Assessment Program

Madison Scott

Previously: Flatiron Health

Spencer Mize

Previously: Bluehouse Group, The Summit