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Bluebird is a software platform that helps brands produce low carbon + waste products and create authentic, substantiated sustainability stories

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Decrease carbon and waste, not margin

Get an in-depth, product-level analysis to understand your carbon and waste footprint, how you compare to similar products, and identify hidden opportunities for improvement that often decrease cost

Using Bluebird, Experiment decreased carbon emissions of Avant Guard by 78% without significant cost

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Make sustainability-informed product development decisions

Make better, faster decisions by comparing new product concepts, re-pack ideas, and complex supply chain changes in seconds

Using Bluebird, Doré was able to compare product ideas & vendor proposals in seconds, speeding sourcing by 20%

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Tell authentic sustainability stories with confidence

Unlock ongoing, substantiated marketing opportunities so you can communicate your sustainability journey without greenwashing

Using Bluebird, Function of Beauty and Dieux are driving brand consideration and loyalty by finding substantiated, trustworthy sustainability messages that resonate with customers 

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Unlock value in minutes, not months

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