Own your sustainability narrative with climate, recyclability, and landfill waste AI

More than ever, retailer placement and customer loyalty hinges on data-backed sustainability.

Bluebird's platform combines AI with landfill waste, recyclability, and climate data so you can design & market more sustainable beauty products with 90% less work.

Priced for brands of all sizes.

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Why your brand has a problem

(and you may not even know it)




of gen z and millenials have abandoned a brand that doesn't share their values
of customers say they don't trust brands' environmental claims
average increase in packaging costs in the past 3 years

"Before Bluebird, sustainable packaging was so wishy washy and expensive. Now I literally cannot imagine launching another product without Bluebird."

- Emmy Ketcham, Cofounder & CPO of Experiment

How Bluebird Works

1) Upload your products, and our proprietary algorithms will instantly assess carbon and waste impact

Instead of investing in a ton of manual research packaging sustainability, connecting with vendors, and hiring a sustainability consultants, you can quickly prototype new product ideas and see their environmental impact, and identify better choices in your product design.

Using Bluebird, Experiment was able to compare packaging ideas and vet vendor proposals, reducing carbon emissions by 78% and time spent researching by 90%.

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2) Add interactive e-commerce widgets to legitimize your brand and drive trust

Customers want transparency in their purchasing decisions.

Like Versed, you can showcase your climate and waste-impact scores to your brand's website and socials that drive customer trust, loyalty, and social interactions.

Using Bluebird, brands like Versed and Dieux are driving brand consideration and loyalty by using telling transparent, substantiated sustainability stories on PDPs.

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3) Get packaging supplier proposals that save you $ and climate impact (in beta)

Making more sustainable products doesn't mean you have to spend more effort, time and money.

We are rolling out early access to our network of suppliers who will give you personalized proposals that reduce your packaging cost & climate impact, without you having to do any work.

Using Bluebird, a Credo beauty brand was able to decrease cost of their high PCR packaging by 70%.

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"Even with just a team or 3 we got set up crazy fast"

"The reception from customers and retailers has been way stronger than we expected"

"This is the future of beauty sustainability"

Own your sustainability narrative and packaging costs

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