Tell an authentic sustainability story that moves metrics

Bluebird is a software platform that makes it easy to measure, improve, and communicate the sustainability of your products, allowing you to grow revenue by confidently telling your sustainability story.

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Bluebird is a game changer and has become the sustainability source of truth across teams. Now we can easily measure the sustainability of our product ideas and make sure we're improving.
— Russ Lyzak, Senior Director of Commercialization
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“Bluebird has taken our sustainability DNA to the next level. It’s given us the tools to understand our impact, craft thoughtful sustainability communications, and spot areas for improvement and further innovation.
— Cathryn Woodruff, CEO

How it works


Get a live view into the sustainability of your brand and products across materials, transportation, packaging and manufacturing—all in one place

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Get a bird’s eye view of your sustainability

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Quickly identify opportunities to improve

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Find sustainability and brand wins when evaluating product concepts and supply chain changes

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Find sustainability wins at every stage of product development

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Measure brand impact before and after you make sustainability claim

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Easily create a transparent sustainability page and sustainability stories for each product to get credit with your customers

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Create a sustainability page that’s on-brand and greenwashing-proof

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Showcase sustainability stories for each product

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For sustainability managers

Increase your team’s leverage and create a business case for sustainable choices without hiring extra analysts

For business owners

Find opportunities to strengthen your brand by increasing and communicating your sustainability

For sustainability swat teams

Get sustainability super powers across product, ops, and marketing

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